abused women remaining in relationships  
  • A woman's decision to stay in or leave an abusive relationship is complex. It can be influenced by the type of abuse the woman has experienced (psychological, physical, sexual, or various combinations of these types), the characteristics of the abuse she has experienced (frequency, intensity, injuries sustained, and whether or not it is escalating or diminishing over time), the characteristics of the abuser (remorse shown, degree of alcohol involvement, amount of emotional instability, degree to which his threats are perceived as putting her in mortal danger, his level of psychopathy, and whether he is violent both inside and outside of the intimate partner relationship), and the characteristics of the victim (education level, religiosity, mental health concerns, income generating capability, responsibility for mothering children, perceived options, level of fear, the degree of hopelessness, and her sense of feeling love toward the perpetrator). [Source: Encyclopedia of Human Relationships; Abused Women Remaining in Relationships]
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